I'm Seth Daemen a broadly oriented senior support consultant working for Insign.it in the Netherlands. I like automation in my work and in my spare time with home automation. I like to learn new skils and techniques. Favorite technologies are Ansible, Terraform and powershell.

I've done some sporadic attempts on blogging previously, some of it have been private only. This blog will mainly be a place for me to document some of the things I'm interested in and working with at work. If anyone else would find it interesting, well that's great! If you really like my work and want to donate you can buy me a coffee.


Please note that this is my private blog and it does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of my employer.


Privacy is a huge concern for all of us, and rightly so. As a result, sethdaemen.nl use a minimal of cookies or any other form of identification or tracking.


If you for any reasons want to get in touch check out the "Follow me" section in the sidebar or the links page. If you want to send me an email my email address is daemenseth[at]gmail.com